At the BBFI Mission Office we respect the confidentiality of your personal information, and it is our responsibility to ensure that it is protected. We are providing you with this statement to tell you how we safeguard information you give us and inform you of how we use this information. This policy applies to any information you give us through any of the online forms or email communication opportunities provided on this site.

We do not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to third parties.

How We Use Your Information
We use your information to fulfill your request for information or services.

BBFI MISSION OFFICE does not do regular "crisis appeals," but we send occasional mailings to those on our list, inviting them to participate in an important missionary project or informing them of real emergencies they may prayerfully wish to help with. Those on our list who contribute to our ministry may get additional appeals related to the ministries in which they have an interest. We honor all requests to discontinue such appeals. At no time do we sell or rent our information or supply it to third parties, whether commercial or ministry entities. When it is made available to a missionary or other employee of BBFI MISSION OFFICE, it is only for an approved mission purpose, and our employees are reminded not to retain or pass on this information for any purpose whatever. Our employees are subject to a corporate code of ethics and other policies that require maintaining the confidentiality of your information. We also maintain prudent security standards and procedures to protect against unauthorized access or use of your personal information and records, including a system of password protection and physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal guidelines.

Notice Concerning Information and Images on this Website
BBFI MISSION OFFICE and its employees are the primary source of information on this site. Unless otherwise noted, it has been generated as work product, and all rights belong to BBFI MISSION OFFICE. Images or information from others are used here by permission and all original rights apply. Any use of site contents is protected by copyright laws and, unless otherwise stated on the site, prohibited without the express permission of BBFI MISSION OFFICE as provided by its corporate counsel. Permission is hereby given for use of BBFI MISSION OFFICE's logo by BBFI MISSION OFFICE missionaries or by donor churches or individuals. Under no circumstances is it to be used as a part of any appeal, fundraising material or commercial message without express permission. At no time may any personal information on this site, including email addresses of employees, be used for any purpose other than personal correspondence or contact. It may not be made a part of any other list to be used for marketing or other mass mailing.